ORIENTAL roller blind

Roller blinds inspired by the culture of the Far East. They add taste for interiors, inviting you to relax and to plan far travels. Wooden ballast slat is a esthetic finish.



  • The "ORIENTAL" roller blind includes:

    1. Tube with wrapped fabric
    2. Adjustable mouting brackets with adhesive plasters
    3. Winding mechanism bearing
    4. Chain mechanism with skidding connector (safety)
    5. Chain tensioner
    6. Wooden aggravating slat
    7. Gimp metal grommets
    8. Gimp and gimp holdfast

    *Additional options:
    - fix (adhesive catch)
    -mechanism in brown colour

    Available sizes:

      • 42 x 150 cm
      • 56 x 150 cm
      • 61 x 150 cm
      • 72 x 150 cm
      • 80 x 150 cm
      • 95 x 150 cm
      • 110 x 150 cm
      • 69 x 220 cm (BALCONY)

    * Colours may be a little bit different  from the colors in reality.

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